Shatter the Lens

Shatter the lens of self-perception and rediscover yourself through photography



Take the photos of your dreams.





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Sometimes we lose sight of who we are, and start to feel uncomfortable in our own skin. We look at ourselves in photos and we cringe. We pick out imperfections that others would never notice, and we torture ourselves. We are our own harshest critics -- but that ends today. 

Shatter the Lens celebrates who you are right now. Not because you are getting engaged or starting a family, but because sometimes you just need to fall in love with yourself again.

We are all beautiful. So let's celebrate you.

Shatter the Lens is a two week experience of internal reflection and self-discovery that culminates in a photoshoot where you get to be a model-for-a-day. We celebrate everything that makes you beautiful inside and out... and we capture the transformation on film. We lead you through the fears that hold you back from taking great pictures and ask you to challenge your self-perception. We help you see what others have seen all along. And weeks later, you're left with gorgeous photos to commemorate the experience, so you can never forget the moment when you connected with your most confident self. 


currently available in Los Angeles & Orange County

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