Another Whole30?

Hi, my name is Karen, and I'm a fraud. 

As I've been developing the Shatter the Lens experience, I've been writing workbooks, having consultations with potential clients, and talking to everyone about the importance of loving your body with healthy food choices... basically, spreading a CLOUD OF LIES. Well, ok, so it's not that extreme.

This program is a holistic approach to looking and feeling your best, so I spend my time speaking with our clients about the importance of sleep, and water, and eating clean foods, and abstaining from sugar... and then I go home and shove ice cream in my face. 


The sugar dragon is real, you guys.


So real. 

What do I have against sugar? Well, let me tell you. A few years ago, I dealt with overwhelming brain fog. I'm not much of a complainer, so I quietly sought the advice of doctors. They all told me different things -- ADD, depression, vitamin deficiency. But nothing that they suggested or prescribed seemed to help.

I had almost resigned to a life of dim-wittery and sloth until a doctor suggested I try cutting out sugar. I won't go into the science of it here, but IT WORKED. For two weeks, I broke my addiction to sugar, and suddenly I could think clearly again. It was a miracle.

And then, I went back to my old ways...

A couple of years later, I was back to where I had started with the brain fog and lethargy. It really wasn't a good look. Let's just say I wasn't getting a ton of dates. So last summer, I caved and tried The Whole30. Nothing but clean, unprocessed food for 30 days -- and then I stayed away from processed food for 3 more months. I felt amazing. I mean, I could hear colors...

And then Thanksgiving came.

A slice of New York cheesecake couldn't hurt, right? 

I can totally eat sugar now. You know, just for the holidays...

Someone get me a peppermint latte, STAT!

Oh, what's that? It's April 12th?

Hold this, please -- it's hard to eat Chunky Monkey with one hand while typing with the other...

Sigh, the gig is up. I've been writing workbooks about the importance of clean eating. I've been talking to prospective clients about sugar. And I was in the middle of a conversation with a nutritionist about joining the Shatter the Lens team when I stopped mid-sentence and said, "I feel like a fraud". I admitted that I had been eating like garbage. And then I ordered a croissant.

This needs to stop. If I'm going to preach, I'd better practice it too, right?

So I created a Facebook group, and we're starting another Whole30 together in a week and a half. All 11 of us. We'll break up with the sugar dragon together, and then we'll ride off into the sunset on our unicorns. Well, ok, eating clean isn't the answer to everything. It won't pay my taxes or write my business plan, and I'll still have to do my dishes; but at least I'll feel better about not being a giant hypocritical inauthentic weenie. I'm all about accountability.

Here we go!


Is there anything that you've been vowing to start? Tell us about it. You never know, maybe this is the push you need... 

Note: if you're curious if The Whole30 is for you, I recommend reading this book: It Starts With Food

Email me if you'd like to be added to the Whole30 facebook group!