Shattering the Lens - the Beginning

Hello there, my inner beauties! 

This is an extremely exciting post for me to be writing. Konnie, Judy, and I have been developing Shatter the Lens for the last several months, and I am thrilled that we have a digital home! Last October, my heart was healing from a breakup, and I was feeling pretty lost. Konnie and I decided that it was time to take some pictures, and her friend Judy was just the lady for the job. I HATE being in front of the camera, but I made a huge decision that day to lean into the fear. I asked myself, "what if I simply stopped caring? What if I pretend I am going to like what I see on the other side of that camera?" And then that's what I did.

What resulted was a day when I rediscovered a little piece of myself. I started off at 9am doubting myself -- you could see it in every muscle of my body -- and we wrapped at sundown with a model who had found her confidence, and truly believed in her own beauty. 

Nothing had changed on the outside, you see, but everything had changed in my head... and in my heart. The next day, I was simply glowing, and I thought to myself, "I want to share this feeling with other women."

So now I'm bringing these questions to my peers. Why do we doubt ourselves so much? Why do we cringe at photos? Why do we compare ourselves to other women, and former versions of ourselves? We're our own captors, and it's quite ridiculous, if you really think about it. Shatter the Lens is a program that we have developed to recreate my experience for other women. I'll walk you through the steps that I took to mentally prepare for a feared day in front of the camera, and I'll coach you through your hang ups. We'll talk about what's holding you back, and I'll be there on set with you to witness the moment when you see your own beauty shining from the viewfinder. And of course, who doesn't love a day of hair, makeup, fun clothes, and pampering? It's a photoshoot AND confidence coaching, and all for the same price as one boring day of photography!

I can't wait to see where this adventure takes us. See you on the other side of the lens!